Study: Each Generation Is Happier Than the Last

The Atlantic:

You’ll be happier in the future than you are now, a new study in the journal Psychological Science found, but your overall well-being also depends on when you were born, and what you’ve lived through.

“Well-being” is a pretty nebulous measure, but it definitely sounds like something you would want to strive for. Here, it takes into account individuals’ current symptoms of depression, along with reflections on how they’ve lived: “I enjoyed life,” “I felt I was just as good as other people,” “I felt hopeful about the future,” and “I was happy.”

And well-being, looked at in several thousand adults who had been followed and assessed repeatedly over an average of 30 years of life, appeared to reliably decline with age. Older adults, on the whole, were faring worse than younger generations.

Read the whole story: The Atlantic

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