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Sleep Paralysis: Researchers Identify What Makes The Sleep Condition So Distressing

The Huffington Post:

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis, the condition where you may feel totally physically paralyzed either right before falling asleep or immediately upon waking up?

If you felt panicked after the experience, science is getting closer to understanding why.

A new study examines what exactly makes people feel distressed after a sleep paralysis episode, and shows that sensory experiences and innate “features” of the condition — like feeling fear — were linked with higher reports of distress.

The research, published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, included 293 people who experienced sleep paralysis. The researchers asked them respond to emails after experiencing distress from sleep paralysis to identify the risk factors for that distress.

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I have experienced sleep paralysis a few times, although this had only happened rarely it has become more often and each time it feels more deep and the “sensed presence” has became not only frightnening but has became me. I can see my self in my sleep as a plead for help but my efforts of moving are in vain.

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