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Six Books to Build a Dream On

The Wall Street Journal:

Now that you have all these ideas about what you’d like to change (whether it’s starting an exercise plan, plotting a job hunt, managing your budget or moving elsewhere), here’s the book to tell you how to get going: “Changeology: 5 Steps to Realizing Your Goals and Resolutions” by John Norcross.

A leading researcher on the psychology of change, Mr. Norcross has identified five distinct stages common to successful behavioral change, which he calls the five P’s: psych (getting ready by specifying realistic goals), prep (preparing to take the leap), perspire (taking action), persevere (managing slips) and persist (maintaining change). He then breaks down each of those steps into doable smaller ones. Sure, this will require time and effort. But if the motivation is there, the reward is lasting.

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