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Singles Bar Science: Your Posse Makes You Better Looking


Say you just walked into a club on a Saturday night. Say you’re hoping you won’t leave alone. Odds are pretty good you’re not the only person there who’s thinking along those lines. That means you agonized at least a little before you left the house: What should you wear? How do you look? Do you do your hair this way (ugh, no) or that (ack, even worse)? Perhaps most important: do you fly solo or bring some chums? And if you do come with friends, who should they be?

The answer, according to a new study just published in Psychological Science, is that whenever possible, bring your gang with you. Any one person seen in a group just seems better looking than when viewed alone. The reason: the human eye averages things out, and when it comes to faces, average is usually good.

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I think over dressing will create more problem than anticipated, I will say simple dress and good looking will help.

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