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Self-compassion helps heal post-divorce blues

Yahoo! India:

Self-compassion and the ability to let painful emotions pass helps heal post divorce blues, a new study suggests.

This trait ‘can promote resilience and positive outcomes in the face of divorce,’ says University of Arizona psychologist David A. Sbarra, who led the study with Hillary L. Smith and Matthias R. Mehl.

‘The surprising part here is that when we look at a bunch of positive characteristics (self-esteem, resistance to depression, optimism, or ease with relationships), this one characteristic -self-compassion – uniquely predicts good outcomes,’ adds Sbarra.

Self-compassion enables some people to move through divorce without wallowing in self pity or helplessness while others get mired in ill will and recriminations.

These findings have implications for helping people learn to weather break-ups in better spirits, reports the journal Psychological Science.

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