Seeing Narcissists Everywhere

The New York Times:

From the triumph of Botox to the rise of social networking and soccer teams that give every kid a trophy, Jean M. Twenge is constantly on the lookout for signs of a narcissism crisis in America.

In 2009 she published another popular book, “The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement,” with a frequent collaborator, W. Keith Campbell, a psychologist at the University of Georgia. Today, colleges and corporations often hire her as a speaker or consultant to help them better understand how to recruit and work with millennials.

But as her media profile has risen, so has the volume of criticism from her colleagues.

“I think she is vastly misinterpreting or over-interpreting the data, and I think it’s destructive,” said Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, a research professor in psychology at Clark University. “She is inviting ridicule for a group of people about which there are already negative stereotypes.”

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