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Science: U.S. presidents are becoming more narcissistic over time

The Washington Post:

Presidents of the United States are gradually becoming more narcissistic, and that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

That isn’t meant as an endorsement of the unethical behavior associated with some kinds of narcissism in a new analysis of data on presidential personalities. Unethical behavior should never be condoned. Ever!

Well, okay. Maybe sometimes. But only sometimes. In the right circumstances. If you are concerned with good executive leadership in general, say, you might be willing to forgive the occasional lapse.

According to the researchers who conducted the analysis, narcissism seems to be correlated with better leadership overall. “I think some of the traits we find most endearing in our our leaders, and most attractive in our leaders, may also be things we have to look out for a little bit,” said Scott Lilienfeld, an Emory University psychologist and one of the authors of the paper in Psychological Science.

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