Riots in Vancouver are the latest connected to high-profile championship sporting events

Los Angeles Times:

The morning after rioters made their mark on the city that he loves, Al Cyrenne made his.

Cyrenne, who lives close enough to downtown Vancouver that he could see the smoke rising from cars that vandals set aflame, made his way into the destruction zone Thursday with a push broom and a felt-tipped marker.

He spent three hours sweeping up glass and debris, then used his marker to scrawl a message on a boarded-up store window: “The real people of Vancouver are here today.”

The ugliness from the night before lingered. After the Canucks’ loss to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, roving crowds caused massive damage over a 10-block radius encompassing the city’s main shopping district.

“It was just a mess everywhere,” said Cyrenne, a building manager. “A lot of glass. All those outdoor potties were turned over; the guys were out there with hoses washing those down. All the plastic garbage cans were set on fire, so they all melted right to the sidewalk. It was an absolute mess.

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