Once Ridiculed, Male Bisexuals Are for Real


First, there was the time that Kenneth Minick was turned away from a nightclub when word got out that he was bisexual. Then, a co-worker, assuming he was gay jeered, “I hear you’re coming out of the closet.”

His gay friends were just as bad. They, too, were baffled, making him feel like something was wrong with him because he couldn’t “pick a team” — Minick was attracted to both men and women.

Now, Minick, a 36-year-old heating and air conditioning specialist from Laguna Niguel, Calif., is an advocate as part of the “It Gets Better Campaign.”, and said he feels vindicated.

Just this week, the journal of Biological Psychology published a Northwestern University study that contradicted 2005 research questioning whether male bisexuality even existed. It was the second of two such papers that confirms that it does.

“Bisexuality is an orientation among men, just like heterosexuality and homosexuality,” said Allen Rosenthal, a doctoral student in the university’s psychology department and lead author of the report.

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