Never mix business with pleasure: How the office ogler takes a toll on your work rate

Daily Mail:

Being ogled by the office lothario probably makes most women feel uncomfortable.

Now, it seems, it might also affect their work performance.

A study has found women who were subjected to an ‘objectifying gaze’ by men at work scored less well in maths tests than those who were not.

Men who were ogled by women, however, scored the same as those who were not.

The researchers say the findings may have implications for boosting the numbers of women in traditionally male-dominated fields such as science, technology and engineering.

They asked 150 men and women to take part in an interview exercise and told them it was to examine how people work in teams. Each participant was assigned an interviewer of the opposite sex.

When they entered the room, some of the volunteers, all undergraduate students, were looked up and down from head to waist and back again by the interviewer, who then proceeded to glance at their chest intermittently during the interview.

Read the whole story: Daily Mail

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