From: Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

Most people want more income equality

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

Earlier this fall, the Journal Sentinel reported that 46% of Milwaukee’s children live in poverty.

More recently, the paper compared similarly sized educational systems in Wisconsin and Finland. Those Finnish kids seem to be doing very well, indeed; Wisconsin – not so good. That the number of children living in poverty in Finland is around 5% should not go unnoticed.

Finland has a great deal more economic equality than we do. Yet the plans of Gov. Scott Walker and national Republicans propel us toward more inequality than we have now, already greater than anytime since the 1920s.

A study by professors Dan Ariely of Duke University and Michael Norton of Harvard published earlier this year should be recalled in light of this growing wealth gap (Perspectives on Psychological Science: “Building a Better America – One Wealth Quintile at a Time,” January 2011. Vol. 6 #1)

Ariely and Norton asked thousands of Americans what they thought the nation’s wealth distribution looks like: how much is owned by the top 20%, the next wealthiest fifth and so on. Then they asked them to describe what an ideal distribution of wealth would be.

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