'Moody' Toddlers More Likely to Become Problem Gamblers, Study Suggests


Restless, moody toddlers are more likely than other tots to grow up to become problem gamblers, suggests a new study.

Retracing the lives of more than 900 New Zealanders, researchers found that 3-year-olds with this so-called under-controlled personality were twice as likely as those with well-adjusted temperaments to be compulsive gamblers three decades later. The findings appeared online March 28 in the journal Psychological Science.

Wendy Slutske of the University of Missouri and her colleagues reported they examined data from the New Zealand Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study. As part of that study, scientists observed 3-year-olds for 90 minutes and assigned them to one of five toddler temperament categories: well-adjusted (of which 39.6 percent qualified), confident (27.5 percent), reserved (14.8 percent), under-controlled (10.4 percent) and inhibited (7.8 percent).

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