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Mindfulness Helps Us Understand Our True Personalities, Study Says

The Huffington Post:

It’s easy to have blind spots when examining our own selves and personalities. After all, it’s incredibly difficult to judge ourselves in an objective manner. But a new study suggests the best way to really get to know ourselves — without help from rose-colored glasses — is through mindfulness.

The study, published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, shows just how mindfulness can help us really know ourselves, without the negative or positive bias.

This is important because “blind spots” in knowing ourselves can spell trouble. “For example, one who overestimates the positivity of his or her personality or status is often disliked by others, whereas having insight into how others perceive the self and acknowledging one’s flaws seems to attenuate the negativity of others’ impressions,” researchers wrote in the study.

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