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It’s respect of your peers – not wealth – that will bring you happiness, report claims

Daily Mail:

The respect of your peers is the root of happiness in life and more important than how well-off you are, according to a report published yesterday.

It suggests that overall happiness in life is related more to relationships with those around you than the status that comes from how much money you have stashed in the bank.

Researchers from the University of California, Berkely explored the relationship between different types of status and well-being in the study published in the journal Psychological Science.

‘We got interested in this idea because there is abundant evidence that higher socioeconomic status – higher income or wealth, higher education – does not boost subjective well-being (or happiness) much at all,’ said Cameron Anderson of the Haas School of Business, lead author on the study.

‘Yet at the same time, many theories suggest that higher status should boost happiness.’

Mr Anderson and his colleagues hypothesised that higher sociometric status – respect and admiration in your face-to-face groups, such as your friendship network, your neighborhood, or your athletic team – might make a difference in your overall happiness.

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It must be so because:

(1) Happiness is defined as “short time feeling of things being a-step-better for keeping one’s own DNA alive”.
(2) A sum of money gives only one “a-step-better”.
(3) Respect gives many “a-step-better”s from the relevant symbiotic members.


(See W. Ying; “Be Happy Validly!” p.4-6, 24; CreateSpace, Amazon, 2012)

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