From: The Boston Globe

It’s afternoon: immorality time!

The Boston Globe:

There’s “normal business hours,” and then there are the hours where people are more likely to do business honorably. In several experiments, researchers found that people were less apt to lie and cheat in the morning compared to the afternoon. Since they were more mentally fatigued in the afternoon, they had more trouble resisting temptation and keeping morality in mind.

Hitting the streets with a group of your friends might make you feel safer. But it may also make you look more attractive. In a new study from the University of California, San Diego, both male and female faces were rated as more attractive when presented alongside other faces of the same gender than when presented alone.

Note to Republican campaign operatives: You might want to try plying prospective voters with cookies. Political scientists in Denmark offered people either regular Sprite or low-calorie Sprite Zero and found that those who consumed regular Sprite—thereby boosting their blood sugar level—became less supportive of social welfare. Yet they were not more selfish when asked to share money with strangers.

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