From: Scientific American

I’m Excited About The Royal Baby (And It’s Okay If You Are Too)

Scientific American:

It’s official. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to the “royal baby” on July 22nd, a bouncing baby boy who will one day be the King of the United Kingdom.

Although many Americans are thrilled to partake in the Royal Baby fanfare, I’ve also seen a lot of discussions revolving around the questionable morality of celebrating an institution that openly reveres inherited privilege and power. It’s a very good point, and not one that I want to dismiss lightly. Sure, I enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding and shamelessly pored through pictures of Kate to keep tabs on her pregnancy style, but I really don’t like to think that I was celebrating institutionalized classism.

So with that criticism in mind, I’d like to revisit the idea of “inherited power.”

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