From: The Washington Post

Hungry? Avoid serious conversations with your spouse.

The Washington Post:

Raise your hand if you’ve had a stupid fight with your husband or wife when you were hungry and cranky. Right, I thought so.

Well, new research backs up the idea that when you’re hungry you have less self-control, and when you have less self-control, you tend to be more aggressive with intimate partners.

Even more interesting  is the way Ohio State scientists, led by Brad J. Bushman, a professor of psychology and communication, conducted their experiment. They gave voodoo dolls — yes voodoo dolls — to 107 married, heterosexual couples, and asked them to put anywhere from zero to 51 pins in the dolls every day for 21 days, depending on how angry they were with their spouses. The couples had been married an average of 12 years and were paid $50 per person for their trouble.

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