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Give up your time to have more time

The Telegraph:

They argue that giving time to others rather than relaxing may make us feel that we have more time for ourselves.

A study found that our sense of having time – ‘time affluence’ – can be increased by spending time on others.

This means that we may feel as if we have more time on our hands despite the fact we are ‘giving’ some of it away, reports journal Psychological Science.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania compared the effects of ‘wasting’ time and giving time – for example, writing a letter to a sick child.

They found that those who did the latter actually felt they had more time on their hands.

Lead researcher Cassie Mogilner believes this is because giving away time boosts one’s sense of personal competence and efficiency, and this in turn stretches out time in our minds.

“Ultimately, giving time makes people more willing to commit to future engagements despite their busy schedules”, she said.

“When individuals feel time-constrained, they should become more generous with their time – despite their inclination to be less so.

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