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Does being needy in a relationship make you feel colder?

Yahoo! Canada:

The next time you reach for that warm sweater, or pine for some hot comfort food, you might wonder whether you suffer from attachment anxiety.

In a report called “Warm Thoughts: Attachment Anxiety and Sensitivity to Temperature Cues,” published in Psychological Science, Ohio University psychology professor Matthew Vess, shows how people with attachment issues are especially sensitive to temperature cues.

In the first of two studies outlined in the report, a group of 56 people tested to measure their levels of anxiety in relationships. They were asked to think about a romantic falling out, and then asked about their levels of desire for certain foods — some warm and others of neutral temperature.

“Participants with high attachment anxiety evidenced a pronounced desire for warm refreshments after recalling a romantic breakup,” Vess writes in the article. The less-anxious participants didn’t have the same reaction.

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