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Counseling center cares for people with ‘complicated grief’

The Washington Post:

Cindi Day cheered as the bus carrying 6-year-old Tai-Vaughn Moore home from camp pulled up. The sole guardian of her grandson, she hadn’t found it easy to surrender him even for the weekend.

But Tai-Vaughn had been acting up in school, and Day hoped the three-day camp for youths who had lost a close relative would help him. She greeted him with a huge grin, asking how he was.

For decades, much of the literature on bereavement was not based on science, said George Bonanno, a clinical psychology professor at Columbia University. Around the 1980s, researchers finally began studying grief rigorously.

The results? Eighty-five percent of people who had suffered a loss recovered just as well without therapy as with it.

“Grief treatment, it turned out, did not work,” Bonanno said.

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