Can clenching fists improve memory?

Los Angeles Times:

Want a better grip on your memory? A study suggests clenching a fist could play a role in how well you recall information.


Researchers recruited 51 right-handed individuals for the experiment, and asked them to squeeze a pink rubber ball for 90 seconds before they were shown a list of 36 words. They were then asked to squeeze the ball again before they wrote down as many of the words as they could remember.


The test subjects who squeezed the ball with their right hand before memorizing the list, and then squeezed it with their left hand before writing words down, performed best.


Those who squeezed the ball first with their left hand, and then with their right, or those who used just one hand, recalled fewer words.


Lead study author Ruth Propper, an associate professor of psychology at Montclair State University in New Jersey, said those who used the right then left hand combination also scored better than the control group of subjects who squeezed nothing. However, this improvement was not enough to be deemed “statistically significant.”

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