Babies learn to walk after dozens of falls per day

Asian News International:

Infants learn new things and acquire new skills every day and researchers have suggested that the abilities that they demonstrate early on can shape the development of skills later in life, in childhood and beyond.

Babies learn to walk after thousands of steps and dozens of falls per day, according to a study.

In the study, Karen E. Adolph, Whitney G. Cole, Meghana Komati, Jessie S. Garciaguirre, Daryaneh Badaly, Jesse M. Lingeman, Gladys L. Y. Chan, and Rachel B. Sotsky, recorded 15- to 60-minute videos of spontaneous activity from infants.

They then coded the videos for the time infants spent walking and crawling, the number of crawling and walking steps infants took, and the number of falls infants experienced whether walking or crawling.

The researchers found that the infants moved a tremendous amount and that new walkers moved faster than crawlers but had a similar number of falls at first and fewer as they became more experienced. This suggests that infants are motivated to begin walking because they move faster without falling more and that they dramatically improve their walking skills through immense amounts of practice.

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