From: The Wall Street Journal

A Young Entrepreneur’s Sweet Idea

The Wall Street Journal:

Unreal Brands is a for-profit but like many ventures led by the millennial generation, it has a social mission. It is looking to recreate traditional junk foods, so that they taste the same but lack the kind of unhealthy ingredients that can cause health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, the company said.

But Unreal Brands’ candy bars, which cost the same as traditional competitors, still contain sugar and chocolate, and nutritionists say children and adults alike would be better off replacing candy bars altogether with nonprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables.

“It comes down to a fundamental question about how consumers will respond,” adds Kelly D. Brownell, a professor of psychology, epidemiology and public health at Yale University.”You really don’t know.”

One possibility is that people who normally eat one candy bar a day will allow themselves to eat two or more Unreal candy bars a day. “They might overdo it,” Dr. Brownell added.

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