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Wikimedia Bookshelf

Tips, guides, videos, and other tools for working with Wikipedia.


The Core: Wikipedia Core Principles and Guidelines

Learn about Wikipedia’s basic components including policies and guidelines.


Editing: The Basics

Welcome to Wikipedia is a reference guide to help you get started to contributing to Wikipedia. Using the guide, you will be able to create a Wikipedia user account, start editing, and communicate with other Wikipedia contributors. You will also learn how articles evolve on Wikipedia and how you can assess quality of an existing Wikipedia article. Welcome to Wikipedia consists of 17 pages including a quick reference to help you to remember frequently used wiki markup commands.


12 Week Sample Syllabus

A full-term syllabus that incorporates many of the best practices for running major Wikipedia assignments in conjunction with the Wikipedia Ambassador Program. You can use it as a starting point for your own Wikipedia assignments, or take bits and pieces to adapt to your course—whether you are working with Wikipedia.


Case Studies: How professors are teaching with Wikipedia

In this brochure, professors around the world explain Wikipedia assignments they’ve used to meet learning objectives for their courses. They also explain how they graded these assignments. These case studies can help you form a plan for how you can use Wikipedia as a teaching tool in your class. (PDF)


Wikipedia: The Missing Manual

Wikipedia: The Missing Manual is a 2008 book by John Broughton. It is a how-to guide that explains the process of contributing to the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia.


Evaluating Wikipedia Article Quality

A reference guide with specific steps you can take to get the most out of Wikipedia, as well as a look at how its quality system works.


Engaging Undergrads with Wikipedia

Scientific American on APSWI

Longtime science blog readers will certainly remember the popular cognitive psychology blog Cognitive Daily, written by Greta and Dave Munger, that had a fantastic five-year run at Scienceblogs. While Dave is still involved in the science blogging community through projects like Research Blogging and Science Seeker, and of course writing his own blogs, Greta has been pushing forward with online science communication in a slightly different way: working with her undergraduate psychology students at Davidson College in updating and improving psychology-related entries on Wikipedia. More>>