Mentorship Opportunities


APS Mentorship Program

The APS Mentorship Program helps undergraduate students navigate their current research plans and future career goals in the field of psychology. The program pairs each interested undergraduate with a graduate student who serves as a peer mentor. Interested undergraduates and graduate students should email the Undergraduate Advocate to sign up.


National Research Mentoring Network

APS is part of a consortium of professionals and institutions that has worked to develop the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN), which supports individuals from underrepresented groups pursuing biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social science research careers. The program provides enhanced networking and mentorship experiences in support of the training and career development of individuals from diverse backgrounds.Visit the NRMN web site at for more information.


Psychological Science Career Mentorship Match

Find a mentor in a field that interests you with a directory sponsored by APS and the Society for the Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP). Created by a group of academics who felt ill-equipped to advise students looking for careers outside the university setting, the Psychological Science Career Mentorship Match connects students with professionals working in a variety of settings.