Campus Representative Program

The purpose of our campus representative program is to increase communication between students and the APS/APSSC. We believe that students can become leaders at their respective schools and inform others about the opportunities available in psychological science. We highly encourage both undergraduate and graduate student affiliates to become campus representatives.

What are the main duties of a campus representative?

You will receive bi-monthly e-mails from the APSSC Membership and Volunteers Officer about special events and activities that are happening in APS and the APSSC. Materials will be provided for you to post on bulletin boards and to announce at Psi Chi Chapter meetings (and other departmental organizations). Also, you will receive online information, such as the APSSC e-Newsletters, to forward to students via e-mail.

In an effort to promote psychological science, you will also be involved in our APSSC group activities, such as the Fall and Spring Rally Weeks. You will be working closely with the Membership and Volunteers Officer to assist you with this endeavor. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to write about yourself, your school and your research interests in our Campus Representative Spotlight, which is published in our monthly e-Newsletter.

What are some of the benefits?

There are several benefits to joining the campus representative program:

  • You are serving your discipline.
  • You gain invaluable leadership skills.
  • You build up your curriculum vitae (academic resume).
  • You get first-hand access to information regarding research awards and grants.
  • You network with other students from different universities.
  • You stay connected with the APSSC Executive Board.
  • You are recognized at the APS Annual Convention for your service.

How do I become a campus representative?

If you are interested in becoming a campus representative, please fill out the online form.

View list of Campus Representatives. If you are a returning campus representative, please note that you must re-apply each academic year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the APSSC Membership and Volunteers Officer.