About the APS Wikipedia Initiative


Harnessing the Power of Wikipedia for Scientific Psychology: A Call to Action

By Mahzarin Banaji, APS Past President
Wikipedia provides an immense opportunity to teach about psychological science . Wikipedia is massive, with over 3.5 million articles in the English version alone. It is the most commonly used general reference source on the Internet — but its articles vary tremendously in quality. Because we recognize the power of Wikipedia as well as its unrealized potential for our science, APS is launching the APS Wikipedia Initiative (APSWI) to improve the quality and quantity of the information about psychological science presented in Wikipedia. More>>


Wikipedia is the Encyclopedia that Anybody Can Edit. But Have You?

By Mahzarin Banaji, APS Past President

Launched in 2001, Wikipedia is now the most commonly used source for general reference on the Internet. It ranks fifth among the world’s most visited websites and contains over 17 million articles in multiple languages. The English version alone is read by 13 million people a day. Wikipedia’s unique and remarkable feature is that it is the largest collaboratively produced knowledge repository that has ever existed. It can potentially be edited by any of the two billion people worldwide (30% of the global population) with access to the Internet. More>>