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Psychological Science in the Public Interest - Submission Policy

Psychological Science in the Public Interest is a semi-annual publication of the Association for Psychological Science. Ordinarily, each issue of PSPI will contain a single analysis of an important issue of public interest.

All articles are commissioned by the editors, and PSPI does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. An article is commissioned by the editors only after careful vetting of both the topic and the authors. Topics chosen for commissioning are nominated from many sources, including editiorial board members, APS Board of Directors, and members of APS. All members of APS are invited to nominate topics (and names of potential authors).

Send nominations to either editor at sjc9@cornell.edu; rabjork@psych.ucla.edu.

Stephen J. Ceci
Cornell University

Robert A. Bjork
University of California, Los Angeles

ISSN: 1529-1006

Frequency: 3 issues per year

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