Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

What is the next available issue of the Observer? What is the deadline?
The next available issue of the Observer is the September issue, and the deadline is Friday, August 6, 2010.

The deadline for advertising is always the first business day of the month prior to publication. For example, if you wish to place an ad in the January 2008 issue, the placement deadline would be December 1, 2007. Please see our rates and deadlines sheet for a complete production calendar.
The Observer reaches readers in the first or second week of the published month. Deadlines for applications should not be earlier than the 15th of the issue month.

What about advertising online?
All ads that run in the printed Observer are automatically included in the searchable online employment ads, at at no additional charge. If an ad is scheduled to run in an issue of the Observer, it can run online before it runs in the Observer at a 25% discount off the line rate. Dates for running online can be selected on the online ad submission form, at

If you have missed the deadline for the Observer, and you want to get your ad online as soon as possible, you can run your ad only-online for the same cost as advertising in the Observer. Online-only ads cost $9.60 per line, and are charged per day, with a minimum run of 30 days online.

How can I submit an ad?
Ads may be submitted using our secure online form or by e-mailing the ad copy either pasted in the message body or as a Microsoft Word attachment to .

Ads may also be faxed or mailed to the Observer at (202) 293-9300 or APS Observer Advertising, 1133 15th Street NW, Suite 1000, Washington DC 20005. Ads requiring typesetting will be charged a $100.00 typesetting fee. Please see our rates and deadlines sheet for information on ad specifications.

Is there a special way ads have to be formatted to be submitted?
Line ads should be submitted as plain text, without any formatting such as paragraph spacing or headings. Ad copy submitted by email can be pasted into the body of the e-mail or attached as a Microsoft Word document. Ads requiring typesetting will be charged a $100.00 typesetting fee.

Display ads that have been designed can be submitted as a high resolution PDF file, either through the online submission form, or via e-mail. Please be sure to include all necessary fonts and images for PDF files. Ads may be designed by APS staff for a one-time $100 design fee. Logos may be used in display ads, and must be submitted as EPS or high-resolution TIFF (300 dpi) files. For more information on submitting display ads, please consult Brian Weaver by email or call (202) 293-9300, Ext. 104.

What information is needed for submitting an ad?
When submitting an ad, please include your contact information, including name, address, and phone number; a purchase order number (only required if you are using a purchase order); the billing address and contact information (if different from the contact information); the ad; and indicate in which issue(s) you would like to place the ad.

Can I get a quote for the ad?
Price quotes can be automatically generated online before ads are submitted, using the first page of the online submission form.

Are there multiple discounts for an ad placed in consecutive months?
Discounts are available for multiple commercial advertisements. Please contact Brian Weaver by email or call (202) 293-9300, Ext. 104, for more information.

Discounts are not available for multiple employment ad insertions.

How can I pay for my ad?
Payment can be made with a credit card when the ad is placed. We also accept Purchase Orders, or we can send you an invoice for the ad. All invoices are net 30 days payment and are sent with a tearsheet. A finance charge of 1.5% per month (equivalent to 18% per year) will be assessed on past due items.

Can I pay with a credit card?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

You may submit your credit card information with your ad copy through our secure submission form, or you may call us at (202) 293-9300.

Can I cancel or change my ad?
Ads may be cancelled before the deadline for the issue, and a refund will be given. Ads cancelled after the deadline for the issue will not be refunded, although they may be removed from appearing online.

Minor text changes to ads are allowed after the deadline for the issue, and will be changed online, and in the Observer if time permits. Text changes that increase the cost of the ad will be charged accordingly.

Please contact Brian Weaver by email or call (202) 293-9300, Ext. 104, to discuss changes and cancellations.

Are Observer rates net or gross?
All ad prices are net. There are no agency discounts.