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Volume 25, Issue6July/August, 2012
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Volume 25, Issue6July/August, 2012

War on Wisdom

There are many ways to do the right thing and most of them are flawed. One can meticulously adhere to… More

Solving Music’s Mysteries

The set list for the “Music, Mind, and Brain” theme program at the 24th APS Annual Convention featured three leading… More

Bullying Goes Digital

Facebook, text messages, and email are the tools of the 21st century bully — so psychological scientists are working hard… More

The Power of Agreeableness

Michael D. Robinson thinks that figuring out why some people are agreeable can lead to interventions that help disagreeable people… More

Why Misinformation Sticks

When false information is released, often a retraction or correction will be issue to fix the mistake. Even then, many… More

Sin Has A Bitter Taste

When writers craft metaphors such as the “warmth of friendship,” they aren’t just making an arbitrary connection between temperature and… More

Emotional Decision Making

As nice as it would be to believe that our decisions are predicated on thoughtful, rational choices, unpredictable emotions play… More

Romance Vs. STEM

For men, pursuing a career in science, technology, and engineering (or STEM) fields is viewed as compatible with being romantically… More