Hebl Wins Top Teaching Award

APS Board Member Michelle “Mikki” Hebl of Rice University has been awarded a top prize for outstanding teaching. ... More>

Getting to Yes Is Easier Than Saying No

Using specific language to frame a negotiation can make it much more difficult for people to walk away from a deal – even a bad one. ... More>

Pupil Size: A Measure of Trust?

Accreditation Summiteers in Agreement on Change

Participants in the 1992 Summit on Accreditation from psychology departments and from related disciplines were united on the critical need for urgent reform of the accreditation system in psychology. ... More>

Las redes sociales en la tercera edad: sopesando los efectos positivos y negativos para la salud y el bienestar

Karen S. Rook[1] Universidad de California, Irvine Originalmente publicado en: Current Directions in Psychological Science, Vol. 24 (1), 45-51, 2015. Traducción de: Alejandro Franco Correo: alejandro.franco@ipsicologia.com Resumen Las redes sociales […]... More>