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Post-Divorce Journaling May Hinder Healing for Some

Following a divorce or separation, many people are encouraged by loved ones or health-care professionals to keep journals about their feelings. But for some, writing in-depth about those feelings immediately after a split may do more harm than good, according to new research. ... More>

‘It Was a Dark and Stormy Divorce…’

Student Notebook

Putting Pen to Paper

Writing is a difficult and time-consuming process. The frustration you feel finding the motivation to write and actually engaging with the writing process is natural. The key is to take that frustration and turn it into a well-crafted paper worthy of your audience’s time and attention. ... More>

2012 Wikipedia Symposium

In case you miss the “Wikipedia in the Classroom: Initial Responses to the Call to Action” symposium at the APS 24th Annual Convention, review slides and video of the presentations. ... More>

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