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Papers With a Purpose: The APS Wikipedia Initiative’s First Year

One year after APS President Mahzarin R. Banaji launched the APS Wikipedia Initiative, five participants came together to share the benefits and challenges they faced. ... More>

2012 Wikipedia Symposium

In case you miss the “Wikipedia in the Classroom: Initial Responses to the Call to Action” symposium at the APS 24th Annual Convention, review slides and video of the presentations. ... More>

Largest Collaborative Project Known to Humankind: APS Wikipedia Demo

Steve Joordens of the University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada kicks off the APS Wikipedia Initiative Special Event Wikipedia in the Classroom: Initial Responses to the Call to Action Friday May 25. ... More>

Notre Dame Psychology Students Take on Wikipedia Challenge

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Improving Students’ Writing With Wikipedia

Enhance students’ writing with this step-by-step process from Margaret P. Munger. ... More>