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How our pupils contract when we think of memories – and how this is an evolutionary leftover which we no longer require

The Eyes Reveal More Than We Might Think – Research Findings from Psychological Science

Our eyes don’t just take in the world around us, they can also reflect our emotional state, influence our memories, and provide clues about the way we think. Here is some of the latest research from the journals Psychological Science and Current Directions in Psychological Science in which scientists show there’s much more to the eyes than people might think. ... More>

New Evidence of an Unrecognized Visual Process

We don’t see only what meets the eye. The visual system constantly takes in ambiguous stimuli, weighs its options, and decides what it perceives. This normally happens effortlessly. Sometimes, however, an ambiguity is persistent, and the visual system waffles on which perception is right.  Such instances interest scientists because they help us understand how the eyes and the brain make sense of what we see.... More>