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Grit Versus Aptitude: Relative Influence of Effort and Intelligence in Academic Success

In educational research, an age-old question has remained unanswered: Does IQ or hard work matter more in predicting success in school? ... More>

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Multitasking in the Automobile

[VIDEO] David L. Strayer has spent more than a decade studying the fundamental factors that impair drivers and lead to automobile accidents. Some distractions — like talking or texting on a smartphone — are already widely recognized as dangerous. But much of Strayer’s work focuses on cognitive distractions that occur even when people keep both hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road. ... More>

Social Networking in a Graduate Industrial/Organizational Program

While social networks proliferate, insight is lacking about how graduate students, faculty, and administration collaboratively engage such networks. ... More>

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Convention Issue

Thousands of psychological scientists gathered in Washington, DC, May 23-26, for the 25th APS Annual Convention. This was more than just a gathering of the field’s brightest minds, it was also a celebration of APS’s 25th Anniversary. This issue of Observer is devoted to the milestone event. ... More>

Developing a Clinical Decision Support System

In this poster session from the 25th APS Annual Convention, David Albert discusses an application designed to help healthcare providers analyze complex patient data. ... More>