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“Precisely Right. No Doubt. Trust Me.”

“Precisely right. No doubt. Trust me.”

As a general rule, we tend to value confidence in other people, especially in the “experts” who help us with important decisions in life. Who wants a financial advisor who […]... More>

Mindfulness: A Habit of Mind That Predicts Social Status in Youth

Social status asymmetries are a persistent feature of human life. Occupying a position at the top versus the bottom of a social hierarchy during youth development produces substantially disproportionate effects […]... More>

Revisiting the ‘hormone of love’

It’s been more than a decade since oxytocin was first heralded as the “hormone of love”—a distinction that came with optimistic predictions for future drug therapies. It was just a […]... More>

Piercarlo Valdesolo

Claremont McKenna College What does your research focus on? I study the influence of discrete emotions on social and moral judgment, with a particular interest in the adaptive importance […]... More>