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People perceive future events closer than past

Study: Moving Backward Alters Our Perception of Time

Events in the Future Seem Closer Than Those in the Past

Time flies, it marches on, it flows like a river -- our descriptions of time are closely linked to our experiences of moving through space. Now, a new study suggests that the illusions that influence how we perceive movement through space also influence our perception of time. ... More>

The experience of awe can slow down perceived time in people’s lives

Causation Warps Our Perception of Time

You push a button to call the elevator to your floor and you wait for what seems like forever, thinking it must be broken. When your friend pushes the button, the elevator appears within 10 seconds. “She must have the magic touch,” you say to yourself. This episode reflects what philosophers and psychological scientists call “temporal binding”: events that occur close to one another in time and space sometimes are “bound” together and we perceive them as meaningful episodes. ... More>