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Mental Health On The Go

Journalist Scott Stossel was so anxious at his own wedding that he had to hold on to his new bride in order to steady himself at the altar. His clothes […]... More>

Poor People Judge Harm-Doers More Harshly

The Poor and the Heartless

Last year, the top 10 percent of American earners took home more than half of the country’s total income. The top 1 percent took home a fifth. That’s the greatest […]... More>

Oxytocin May Reduce Anxiety Related to Social Threats, But Only for Some

Though oxytocin has been considered as a possible treatment for social anxiety, new research suggests that its effects are nuanced, promoting prosocial behaviors only in people with low social anxiety. ... More>

There’s an App for That: A Pilot Test of an Anxiety- and Stress-Reduction App

We conducted pilot testing of a new mobile “app” that is a gamified version of Attention Bias Modification for anxiety. Compared to a placebo condition, extended app use (40 minutes) […] More>