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How finding beauty in ordinary life can make you happy

Why Do We Have Religion Anyway?

The vast majority of the world’s 7 billion people practice some kind of religion, ranging from massive worldwide churches to obscure spiritual traditions and local sects. Nobody really knows how […]... More>

Eat, Drink and Be Scary!

picture of bats and moon; used for halloween pr

We all know what fear feels like, yet there is something almost perversely euphoric about having the living daylights scared right out of you. Whether by watching a nail-biting horror film or prowling through a haunted house on Halloween, there is something strangely addictive about the escapism of walking into the darkness of the unknown and the adrenaline of mastering one’s own deep-seated demons.... More>

Having a bad day? Try washing your hands

Worried? Get Your Scrub On

October 15, 2011 is Global Handwashing Day--who knew!? A recent Current Directions in Psychological Science found that the bodily experience of washing can provide the basis of removing more abstract mental residues. Feeling guilty? Take a bubble bath.... More>