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Read My Lips: Using Multiple Senses in Speech Perception

When someone speaks to you, do you see what they are saying? We tend to think of speech as being something we hear, but recent studies suggest that we use […]... More>

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Speech and Gesture Mutually Interact to Enhance Comprehension

Your mother may have taught you that it’s rude to point, but according to new research in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, gesturing may actually help improve communication.... More>

The Power of Peter Piper: How Alliteration Enhances Poetry, Prose, and Memory

From nursery rhymes to Shakespearian sonnets, alliterations have always been an important aspect of poetry whether as an interesting aesthetic touch or just as something fun to read. But a […]... More>

How We Think Before We Speak: Making Sense of Sentences

We engage in numerous discussions throughout the day, about a variety of topics, from work assignments to the Super Bowl to what we are having for dinner that evening. We […]... More>

True or False? How Our Brain Processes Negative Statements

Every day we are confronted with positive and negative statements. By combining the new, incoming information with what we already know, we are usually able to figure out if the […]... More>