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Remembering the Stanford Prison Experiment

Hundreds of people met Philip G. Zimbardo, the scientist responsible for the famous Stanford Prison Experiment, at the 2014 APS Annual Convention. ... More>

Observer Article

Snap-Judgment Science

Research shows that split-second impressions we form about other people are surprisingly accurate — and often unfair. ... More>


Remembering Nathan Kogan

A prolific scientist is remembered for his breadth of knowledge and humility. ... More>

Teaching Current Directions

Teaching Current Directions in Psychological Science

Featured Articles: “Teaching Students About the Psychology of Eating Animals” and “Teaching Sexual Orientation” ... More>

Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling, and the Science of Moral Judgments

Many famous people have recently uttered remarks that draw accusations of racism. Interestingly, it is the words, rather than any accompanying deeds, receiving the most attention. ... More>