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According to Kids, the Moral Obligation Against Harm Doesn’t Apply Equally

Research shows that we tend to show an in-group bias, favoring the interests of our own social group over those of another group. But how do we perceive these biases when they occur in other people? ... More>

Marilynn Brewer

Ohio State University (Professor Emerita) University of New South Wales William James Fellow Award APS Past President Marilynn Brewer is internationally recognized for her contributions to research in social cognition, […]... More>

Discriminated Groups Strategize to Avoid Prejudice

Stop and See Milgram’s ‘Shock Box’

Stanley Milgram's “shock box” embodies the most famous, controversial and, arguably, most important psychological research of our times. Attendees at the 25th APS Annual Convention can see the “shock box” up close. ... More>

People Present Themselves in Ways That Counteract Prejudices Toward Their Group

Individuals from stigmatized groups choose to present themselves in ways that counteract the specific stereotypes and prejudices associated with their group, according to a new study in Psychological Science. ... More>