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Goldin-Meadow Honored for Seminal Research on Gesture and Learning

Past APS Board Member Susan Goldin-Meadow has been named a 2015 William James Fellow Award recipient. ... More>

The Road to Language Learning Is Iconic

Languages are highly complex systems and yet most children seem to acquire language easily, even in the absence of formal instruction. New research on young children’s use of British Sign Language (BSL) sheds light on some of the mechanisms that may endow children with this amazing ability. ... More>

A Hearing Aid That Cuts Out All the Clatter

Language May Play Key Role In Learning Number Meanings

Sign Language Speakers’ Hands, Mouths Operate Separately


When people are communicating in sign languages, they also move their mouths. But scientists have debated whether mouth movements resembling spoken language are part of the sign itself or are connected directly to English. In a new study on British Sign Language, signers made different mistakes in the sign and in the mouthing—which means the hand and lip movements are separate in the signer's brain, not part of the same sign.... More>