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George A. Miller, a Pioneer in Cognitive Psychology, Is Dead at 92

Why men (yes, men) are better multitaskers

We should all be forgiven for believing that women are good at multitasking, and far superior to men. After all, that’s the popular image that has been in circulation for […]... More>

When We Forget to Remember – Failures in Prospective Memory Range From Annoying to Lethal

Why would highly skilled professionals forget to perform a simple task they have executed without difficulty thousands of times before? These kinds of oversights occur in professions as diverse as aviation and computer programming, but research from psychological science reveals that these lapses may not reflect carelessness or lack of skill but failures of prospective memory. ... More>

George A. Miller: Remembering a Pioneer

The influential cognitive psychological scientist George A. Miller passed away on July 22, 2012. ... More>

New Research From Psychological Science

A sample of exciting new research on memory recently published in Psychological Science. ... More>