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You can pay attention without actually doing so

Want to Ace That Test? Cheer Up!

Studying for a stressful exam can sometimes put us in a bad mood. The last thing we want to do is put on a happy face, but research suggests cheerfulness may help us perform better.   A study published in Psychological Science found that being in a positive mood can improve performance on certain cognitive tasks.... More>

Imagine This: Study Suggests Power of Imagination is More Than Just a Metaphor

We’ve heard it before: “Imagine yourself passing the exam or scoring a goal and it will happen.” We may roll our eyes and think that’s easier said than done, but […]... More>

A Walk in the Park Improves Attention

If you spend the majority of your time among stores, restaurants and skyscrapers, it may be time to trade in your stilettos for some hiking boots. A new study in […]... More>

UCL scientist develops a measure of distraction

A scientific indicator of how easily distracted you are has been designed by a UCL (University College London) psychologist. It could be used as another assessment tool during the recruitment […]... More>