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Higher Implicit Self-Esteem Linked to Positive Evaluation of Spouses

Our implicit attitudes about ourselves may predict changes in our implicit attitudes toward our significant others over the long term, researchers find. ... More>

Q & A With Eli Finkel – The Science Behind Online Dating (Part 2)

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Eli Finkel, a social psychologist at Northwestern University, is one of five authors on a new study in Psychological Science in the Public Interest. The study, ‘Online Dating: A Critical Analysis from the Perspective of Psychological Science‘ is co-authored by Paul Eastwick of Texas A & M University, Benjamin Karney of UCLA, Harry Reis of the University of Rochester and Susan Sprecher of Illinois State University. We invited our Facebook and Twitter followers to submit their questions on love, relationships and online dating to Finkel. Here is the second part of his response. Check out Part 1 of the Q & A here! ... More>

Looking for Love in All the Web Places

Psychologen halten Dating-Seiten für untauglich

‘Likes Long Walks in the Woods on Autumn Days’