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Integrative Science Featured at European Conferences

Two APS-cosponsored symposia in Europe delved into the latest integrative science. ... More>

Trouble at the lab

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Psychological Scientists Call for Paradigm Shift in Data Practices

Fabricating data to support an a priori hypothesis is the ultimate sin in scientific research. But what about throwing out an “outlier” or two? Or reporting some, but not all, of the measures you tested? These questionable research practices tend to fly under the radar, but they present a real challenge to the rigor and replicability of science. ... More>

Failure to Replicate the Mehta and Zhu (2009) Color Effect

Mehta and Zhu (2009) reported several studies in Science on the effects of the colors red and blue over a series of cognitive tasks. Kenneth M. Steele shares his lab’s failure to replicate parts of this study at the 25th APS Annual Convention. ... More>

Understanding Replication: Confidence Intervals Much Better Than p Values

Geoff Cumming, La Trobe University, Australia, presents his research: "Understanding Replication: Confidence Intervals Much Better Than p Values," at the APS 25th Annual Convention. ... More>