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How to Defuse a Hateful Slur

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

When Jo Ann Gardner and Charles Thomas sat down with Psychology Today editor T. George Harris in 1970, the historical backdrop was the rapid social and political transformations rocking American culture. Academic psychology was not immune. ... More>

National Multicultural Conference and Summit 2013

The National Multicultural Conference and Summit 2013 will be held January 17-18, 2013 in Houston, Texas. The theme of the conference is “Transforming Multicultural Psychology: Engagement, Renewal, and Action Across […]... More>

Police Prejudice Is Not What You Think

A team of psychological scientists led by Juliette Gatto of Blaise Pascal University, France, took a close look at prejudice in new police recruits, officers with a year of training, and a control group from the general population. They discovered unexpected nuances. ... More>

The Unexpected Impact of Coded Appeals