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Twitter Q&A on Rebooting Psychotherapy

The January 2011 issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science called for drastic changes to the approach for treating mental illness in the United States. Comments to this article were published in the September issue of Perspectives. APS asked our Twitter and Facebook followers to Tweet Alan Kazdin questions about his research using the hashtag #AskKazdin.... More>

A High-Profile Executive Job as Defense Against Mental Ills

Remembrance: G. Alan Marlatt

Distinguished addiction researcher G. Alan Marlatt is remembered by friends and colleagues. ... More>

Talk Therapy Lifts Severe Schizophrenics

Q & A With Psychological Scientist Alan Kazdin (Part 2)

Yale University psychological scientist Alan Kazdin and his co-author Stacey Blase have called for a drastic change to the way in which the United States treats mental illness. ... More>