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Psychology of Compromise: Why Congress Fails

Let’s Make a Deal: The Psychological Science Underlying Compromise and Negotiation

Tense negotiations in Congress over the “fiscal cliff” have focused public attention on the art of compromise – or lack thereof. From deciding who washes the dishes to figuring out how to avoid the fiscal cliff, life experience shows us that achieving compromise is rarely easy. But why is give and take so difficult even when the consequences of failure are dire? ... More>

Healthy Lungs May Keep Brain Running Smoothly

Does Wisdom Really Come with Age? It Depends on the Culture

“Wisdom comes with winters,” Oscar Wilde once said. And it’s certainly comforting to think that aging benefits the mind, if not the body. But do we really get wiser as time passes? There are many way to define what exactly wisdom is, but previous literature suggests that having wisdom means that you are also good at resolving conflict. But conflict is not handled the same way across cultures. ... More>